Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Cross this one off my Bucket List!! 

A cute story here,  this started a couple months ago.  I had been watching some Appalation (sp) Trail videos on you tube, wondering if someday I would attempt something like that.  Well, I got to thinking about the trail that runs through Michigan not far from my house, The North Country Trail.  The NCT runs from Main to Minnesota, 4,600 miles.  I got to thinking maybe I would just start with the Emmet County section, 40 miles, not all at once obvoiusly, just short segments over a long period of time, a long, long period of time :) 

So, I mentioned it to some friends, nothing big, then as Labor Day approached, we got to talking about walking the Mackinaw Bridge.

Chrissy stated, to my complete surprise, I have already walked it !!
I about passed out, after being together for some 30 years I had never known that, and in fact, she has done it TWICE!!

So when I got an offer to go with some friends this year I jumped at the chance.  Laura and Baily Johnson went last year, and invited me this year.
She picked me up at 7:15 am, we drove to Mackinaw and got on the fleet of school buses that haul you up over the bridge to St. Ignace.  The walk starts there on the North side and you walk South. It is about 5.5 miles not counting the 2 miles you walk from the car and back to the car.

It was pretty cool, after driving almost every kind of vehicle over it, and my boat under it, to walk over it!!!

I got sore legs about 3/4's of the way, but made it ok.  The next day I was even more sore!!

Point being, now I have walked the only section of the 4,600 mile NCT that can only be walked once a year (as if I would ever attempt the entire thing) and it marks the first segment of my hike across Emmet County.  I guess I will just keep going southbound too.
Who knows when I will walk again, but you can be sure I will let you know.

Enjoy the video,


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