Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am feeling GOOD

Above: the 63 Owens I bought for $2,250.00

Below: a 67 Owens for sale $3,500.00 as is,

 Or: they will do a complete restoration, and I mean COMPLETE and provide a 2 year warranty for $36,500.00

I have been searching the internet for info on these boats, it seems there may only be a few left in existance.  I have found about 5 for sale in the last year and a half.

Here are a couple of them:

 This one, a 64 was listed for $29,900.00 there were no bidders.
And this one below: a 62 for $25,000.00

This one below has recently been sold for: $68,000.00


  So, I am feeling very good about my purchase, I think I can put some money into mine and have one hell of a boat worth a pretty penny too.
If you can help me find any info out there on these boats please let me know.  1964 Owens 40' Tahitian double cabin cruiser

Thanks, Dean