Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hey Everybody,

I have been having a blast watching the baby hummingbirds on my feeder.  I see them dive bomboming each other and chasing each other around.  I think with the adults and babys there are about 5 or 6 hanging around.

I have gone out and stood by the sunflower and taken these pics.

I will have some video on You Tube sometime soon, our connection is so bad it is taking 765 minutes to load :((

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Later, Dean

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey everybody, how are ya? 

Well, I went and did it :)  I put a table out by the road for my veggies.  My first roadside stand.  Hard to say what will develope from it but what the heck.

I actually made 5 dollars on onions, within the first 15 min. of setting up the table, even though it was Uncle Al :) they needed some to go with the pickles Aunt Barb was making.

After months of training the fast growing vines, the morning glorys, four o clocks and sweet peas are finally showing their glory :)

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Later, Dean

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hey believe it or not, we closed up for a couple days and got out of town!!!

My nephew Adam got married to Christa down in Frankenmuth Michigan.  Mom, Chrissy, me, Stelly and Mr. Pitman got in the car and headed down after work on friday.  It was awesome, the dogs were good in the room, the weather was hot and sunny and the beer was cold and fresh, because the reception was at the brewrey!!

The wedding and reception went without a glitch and everyone had a good time, good food and a great show, the way they did the ceremonys.

So here we are back at work and making more pickles, I have a batch of 21 day sweets going on thier 9th. day, yesterday I made a batch of sandwich dills.  Last week we made a batch of bread n butter pickles.
So, the corn is starting to take off and develope some ears, the brocolli is getting big, waiting on heads though.  I will have a ton of tomatoes before long too.

So, off to work :)


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