Friday, December 14, 2012

I wish you could have been there :)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

The first friday in December.

Every year for the last 17 (as best we can remember) my friends and I have been making 48 gallons of bean with ham soup, to pass out to the public.

The City of Petoskey Michigan has an open house every year, they close off the streets, the merchants hand out food and drinks, music in the streets and the lighting of the giant Christmas Tree in the park.

Our Dad's started making it back in the 60's for the Petoskey Snowmobile Club for fundaising.  We learned from them, built our own pot and haven't looked back :)

The downtown merchants provide us with the ingredients and provide the time and expertise :))

We end up passing out about 750 cups of soup in a matter of 2 hours once we start dipping, at 6pm when they light the Christmas Tree.

This year, since me and my friends joined the OddFellows Lodge 282 in Petoskey, we thought we would represent them at the bean pot.  It worked great, we had some say: my Dad and Grampa were Oddfellows, and they asked, what is the Oddfellows anyway?

That is just what we were hoping would happen, generate some intrest in the club.  We hope to help keep the Petoskey Lodge from folding, it has been here since 1885 non stop.

The weather was almost to nice, for a Christmas event, but we will take it.  The streets were packed and the music was jammin.

I have a video loading to You Tube, I will post it as soon as it completes.

Thanks, Dean