Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I threw a bottle overboard

WOW!  Now this is a great story! :)

I got an email the other day, the header said "I found your bottle".

I thought, what? Although those who know me, do know I have thrown bottles overboard with a note in them before.  I opened the mail and this is what it said:


I'm from Portugal, Caldas da Rainha, and last week I went to the island of Azores, Sao Miguel to a little vacations.
I found your bottle in Mosteiros, a seacoast village.

Cynthia Surgy

That just floored me!!!  Should I believe her?  I must, because she had  my email, and I always put it on the notes.  I google earthed the azores and about freaked out!  Wow !

So I replied back:

WOW ! Are you serious??  If it is the one I am thinking of, I tossed it overboard off the coast of New York City in Oct. of 2010.  If possible could you take a picture of the bottle and the note, so I know it is not a hoax, I guess it's not because you got my email.

More details please, Thanks Dean
ps. I think I have a You Tube of me tossing it overboard, I will look for it.

Well I didn't take a video of it getting tossed overboard, and I later realized that it was actually tossed over, out off Atlantic City on our offshore run to Cape MayNJ.  I got to thinking back, we were weathered in at AC for 5 days due to wind.

  We made the dash out of there, got to Cape May and the wind blew for another few days, so, we left with the hi-outgoing tide, and with the wind, it just shot out offshore and kept going!
I was soooo anxious to hear back from her, my mind was just racing!

A few hours later I got this email:

Yes, I have pictures and I just put the note on my scan.
I was just looking from some natural pool, of sea in Mosteiros and in a little space where some wood and garbage were, I saw a bottle and I said to my mother: look, a bottle, It would be so cool if it had a message, just like in movies.She just made a joke and when I looked better I saw that the bottle really had a note :)
Really, a youtube? I would like to see that.

Sorry for my english, Cynthia
These are the photos she sent, you really gotta love the smart phones with cameras nowdays!!  What luck that I get photos of the mariner itself, being rescued from the sea a year and 11 months after being cast away!!

 You can see the note and the tape around the top

Just a few hitchhikers

I wondered how sweaty the note would get riding inside the bottle for so long.  Not bad.

A few years ago I tossed one overboard when we were under the Mackinaw Bridge (Michigan) and it was found about a month later, only 17 miles south east of the bridge, but it was still cool to hear from the people.
While on our trip of a liftime, I also tossed one over in the middle of Lake Huron and Lake Erie, with no response yet.
I don't know where this will go from hear, but I think it tops off our voyage in the best of ways!!!  
Good Karma !!!

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nancy cincinnati said...

that is incredible and awesome. bet that really made your day!

orelhinhas said...

Cynthia's parents (my best friends) told me by phone last week, when she found your bottle. Both are very happy about it. "It was like movies", they said.

Unknown said...

I am very impressed and proud of you