Sunday, June 10, 2012

Things are planted, we got some rain, and now we just sit back and wait.  Yeah, right. 

I made a bit of a change to the apperance of Lake Michigan Boarders, put some shape into the ends of the garden, trying to jazz up the look when you drive up to the building (as jazzy as rocks dirt can get :)  ).  As you know I am a use what ya got type o guy, all these rocks and containers were here quite awhile, I just moved em around on the property.  I got to looking around in the barn last fall and noticed I had a mountian of containers, so what do I put in them?  The blue sage that is already blooming in the giant patch growing in the garden!!!

I have wildflowers spread in the area just in front of the building, and on the garden end, flowers, herbs, onions, and all kinds of stuff.

All the potatoes are growing like crazy, popcorn is doing great, waiting for carrotts, radishes and peppers all lagging behind.  I like to start tomatoes and peppers from seed and also buy some plants.

No movement on the big boat except I do have a line on a section of dock to put up next to it, for easier in and out. 

This is graduation weekend, and some weddings and stuff so we have a nice full weekend of dogs, 11 for a couple days $$  We need it too, cuz we have a beef ordered up and it should be ready soon.

Enough for now, a nice sunny sunday (ck out day$) gotta go,   Bye,

 Capt. Dean

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