Thursday, May 31, 2012

The 1963 Owens Tahitian 40' double cabin cruiser is home in Petoskey Michigan.

We loaded it up on the big hydraulic trailer on tues. May 29th. 2012 and then brought it home the next day.  Scott (previous owner and hauler) was able to pull right in where I hoped he could, leveled it up and set it down just as nice as can be.

You know how you feel (alot of you know) when you can't do it all fast enough!!! Ugh, gotta love it !!

I took a bucket of soapy water and the shop vac aboard and in a couple hours, had it looking pretty good in the main salon.

Maybe I should digress abit for ya'll? 

The previous owner had the boat for over 20 years in Traverse City Mi.  in 1994 he sold it, in 1996 he had to take it back, for whatever reasons you can imagin, but 2 were lack of payment and lack of proper care for the boat.  He took it back, recommisioned the engines and generator to be sure they were operational (lack of proper care) and then he de-commisioned them properly.
Then at some point he started some reconditioning process.  He re-seated all the windows and some other stuff I'm not even sure of yet.

Anyway, that is where the bucket of soapy water came in, it was covered in construction dust, sanding dust, dirt, parts, pieces, overspray, leaves, sticks and twigs, no problem for me, I like to find them like that.
I cleaned the TOILETS, that is big if you have seen the first video I took of the way I found it back in dec.

This was before the cleaning :(

We do not plan to spend any real money on anything for starters, it will be big enough just going through each of the engines, and the water and waste systems, determine what works and what doesn't.  Make a list of what doesn't and research what repairs,/restoration will be proper.

Wow, just like cleaning, I can't type enough, fast enough, so I will leave it here for now.

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I still have the sailblog too, I will use that for any sailing we do with our friends this summer, and for any updates on Rubaiyat as the summer progresses.
Capt. Dean

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